All Repairs are Hand Stitched for Safety. Prices do NOT include Return Postage




Re - Rubber Reins; pair - £35.00


Re - Stitch Billet Ends; each - £5.00


Replace Billet platform, hook & keepers; each - £7.50


Running Loop (keeper that slides up & down); this includes taking out the buckle and Re-stitching, as it is impossible to stitch the loop round the strap. each £6.50


Shorten Buckle End:


i.e. Cheek piece / Throatlatch / Noseband Cheek etc: each £5.00


New Fixed Keeper (next to the Buckle) each £6.00


Re - stitch Buckle Ends; each £3.50


Replace Flash Loop £6.00


Replacement Flash Strap £12.00


Replacement Crank Noseband strap £15.00




New Headcollar Headpiece £15.75


New Headcollar Noseband £15.75


New Headcollar Cheek, upright or Brace £10.50


Headcollar End Repair: Splice in a New End £7.50


New Brass Hook to Throat £7.90


New Buckle and/or Chape £12.60




Restitch Buckle End: Leather Girth: each £7.00 Restitch Buckle End: Elastic Insert: each £8.00


STIRRUP LEATHERS Level up or shorten & Re - Stitch Stirrup Leathers;pair £12.00

Re - Stitch Stirrup Leathers;pair £9.00


Please wash off all sweat, mud & hair from all Leather work before sending it for Repair due to Health & Safety reasons.


All Repairs through this website, Must Be paid For in Advance:


The Repairs will be done Once Payment Has Cleared and be Returned as Soon as Possible, usually within 2 weeks, often sooner.




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