A new chapter Begins

Stating a new.

Hey look a me I have a new website and blog. Which is very ironic as I am severely dyslexic.  so if you can understand what I’m righting well, at least I am trying.

So I’ve been thinking about what I should write about ????

  1. It needs to include post about my business.
  2. I would like to write on the subject of leather in general
  3. Of course, horses
  4.    and any of my out side the making of horses stuff e.g. Re-enactment, LARPing and cosplay.

I would be grateful if you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram!!!

So here’s a photo of something I made.

If I was a horse I’d want to be this one! The stunning London Cockney Rebel wearing a bridle I recently made. Designed by Alan Keep Mymmswood Welsh Cobs and made by Erin Sibley’s Leather craft studio.


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