Repairing a leather head collar

So this week it the same old staple of repair work. The leather on the nose piece of the head collar had become worn out and had snapped. and one of the chin stays has worn out too but I didn’t tack any pictures of that repair. sorry.

the head collar with worn nose band

The leather has become thin and has worn away.

Using my head knife to undo the stitch.

Having made a new leather strap of the same thickness to replace the nose piece

When the strap has been cut out and made to measure, it can me made for making of the stitching.

and the stitching in the saddle clamps.

Did I mention they wanted to be stitch in white too

So there you have it one repaired leather head collar. Sorry about the picture no being so great.

More post will be coming on to site soon as well as some products. I’m thinking dog leads, old school leather stirrups and more. Send me some comments on the leather goods you would like to buy.

Bye bye.


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