The important of the right leather

Having the right leather in making horse tack is so important for your horse and your safety too. I know how expensive leather is as a saddler/bridle cutter. I normally spend £130 on a  half leather hide. And your all thinking why do you spend that much on leather, for three very good reasons, it’s economical in the long run as in if you look after in it will last for years, its made using traditional oak tanning method and its more ethical from were the animal hides come from and its British made. So that’s four reasons.

As a part of the course I had to study leather manufacturing, how to store it, how to cut it and how to work with it .

I’ve cleaned some Carriage harness from the early part of the 18th century, yes the patent leather has lot its shiny but it could be used today. That the great thing about leather if its clean and is keep moisturiser and in a the right involvement when not in use, it can last for centuries.

And by choosing oak tanned leather you are buying a leather that has taken a year or more to tan. It the tannin in the oak bark that tans the leather, from the hide being selected by tradesmen all through the vat process to the tamed hide, being tallow finished.



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