What to write about?

I have to be really inspired to write as being dyslexic is a real hindrance to the whole writing process. Nothing much has been going on this week. Last week I sold a pair of vintage car luggage straps, which were a different from the norm. As a month ago I ran a little craft stall at my Aunts WI. Trying to flog some of my old stock and a few toy. Well that’s where I meet this customer how has the vintage car. So it was worth going.

I just what to get out there more. And face the public to engages in a conversation about what I do.  I need to start making a go of this business. It’s not fun when you have all of theses anxieties about your abilities (o no you can’t do that your to stupid, you won’t be able to cope mentally, arr you can’t talk to normal people, you shouldn’t be let out of the house) nooooo this constant self doubt really pissed me off.

The thing is I’m not a very materialistic person. I don’t know if its a strength or a weakness but i am a very chilled out person and I only get agitated when I’m upset or very very angry or fall on panic mode. Which I swear is ten times worse because of the Asperger and I hate it.

and when you have a business you have to be a get up and go person but with me it to thing, one its the fact that i still live a home and i have to think about my family. So l have to work round them. And working from home also involved looking after this pack of very demanding dogs but that’s what you get when your mother is a dog breeder and in reasons years has become the security to the Swedish  Vallhund society and the big one are elkhound in case you were wondering.

Feeding time at the zoo

well i dropped the ball on this for a day. Look I’m not a great writer, half the time the stuff i write doesn’t even make sense to me let alone you. But now my iPad is guessing the words for me so that helps with the spelling. I have all these ideas and passion that’s there waiting for the world to discover. I just have to stop hiding , stop being afraid all the time.

well that’s me done for now.



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