The work before Christmas.

Then I think of my work has picked up before Christmas. It’s mainly been fixing things. Such as handbags,gun cases and a pair of boots. These things are important to someone and I’m very grateful for the work.

I’m hoping in the New Year To pick up more work. I still have a leather luggage bag for motorbike to fix. The main goal is to save up money for a leather sew machine.

Now I know roughly what I’m looking for, thinking about getting a singer sewing machine cylindrical arm. I’ve seen one online that I like the look off and it’s roughly in my price range.

I have all these patterns and ideas and projects I’ve come up with but it’s finding the time and the material and the costs and who am I making it for.

The one thing I’m very bad at his time management. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it all. It’s all this pressure now, I’m being dyslexic and asperges. Not that anybody reads this blog. None of it makes any sense. I’m using the dictaphone setting to write this. Just getting it down on the page. Making more content.

I really wanna make a quiver this year for archery. A Proper gunshots case (dreamt about making that pattern)And a ladies briefcase how funny I could win say £5000 that be great.

This is probably going to be the last blog post letter for this year. So for anyone who doesn’t read this. The ramblings of a dyslexic mind. But hey at least I’m trying to write it down or dictate it down.

So to all the horsey peopleAnd to all the leather crafty crafty people and to all the dyslexics aspersion people have a happy Christmas and a good New Year.

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