So this is the new year!!

So I have a few things in the pipeline already. So I’ve got a knife Sheath to fix. I’ve still got that saddlebag to fix and so I need to reply to my email.

So the big upheaval in my life at the moment is the fact that I’ve change rooms in the house. And yes I have been decluttering and yes it’s still not finished. But how do you find a lot of stuff though. It’s like oh that’s where that went and oh I love that book. But I still need to buy a lot of things and my next big passes a rug. Because the room is moving to has tile flooring.

But that will have to wait until next month already know which one I want to get. Course my boy,the dog of my life, loves the fact that I’m downstairs now. He’s so cute just laying at the end of my bed.

So I was planning to do some old Fashion advertising. And this is what I’ve got so far for the leaflets. Got nothing much else to say but a happy New Year, anyway even though it’s now February.

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