Repairing a leather head collar

So this week it the same old staple of repair work. The leather on the nose piece of the head collar had become worn out and had snapped. and one of the chin stays has worn out too but I didn’t tack any pictures of that repair. sorry.

A head collar
the head collar with worn nose band

The leather has become thin and has worn away.

nose c

Using my head knife to undo the stitch.

Having made a new leather strap of the same thickness to replace the nose piece

When the strap has been cut out and made to measure, it can me made for making of the stitching.

and the stitching in the saddle clamps.collar l

Did I mention they wanted to be stitch in white too

collar m

So there you have it one repaired leather head collar. Sorry about the picture no being so great.

More post will be coming on to site soon as well as some products. I’m thinking dog leads, old school leather stirrups and more. Send me some comments on the leather goods you would like to buy.

Bye bye.


The gun case

This week I contracted the the dreaded cold that has been going around the county and I still have it.

but I rely wanted to work on the gun case repair, that was sting in by workshop.

The leather strap needed replacing and the loops that held the dee to the case had ripped. But on closer inspection the top dee patch had a rip in it too.


I just had to remove the stitch from the leather patches, take of the split rivets and make a new strap. Then I sore that one of the patch had ripped so that needed replacing as well.

I ended up stitching the new straps on my bed. While also watching call the midwife on the iplayer.

I would have to say I did a pretty god job and the owner was happy too.

Here are the pictures of the repaired gun from the owner


Saddle fitting a ex-race horse

This week i had a saddle fitting job to go to. The horse was a ex-race hoses six to seven years old, the owner had only had her for a year and what an amazing job she had done in bring up her conditioning. Of course I got lost finding the place as I always do.

I don’t know a lot about race hoses but what a sweetie pie. Very gentle, happy horse loving her life now.

She was still very uneven needing to put on some more muscle but the owner already knew that. As the synthetic saddle she had been using had shifted on her. We decide to have the physio therapist look her over to give her opinion, as the hose was getting in to beater condition. Then owner would chose a second hand saddle from the therapist that fits  her-ish. I would come out to re-flock it to fit.


The weeks work

So this week I have had three repair jobs, two dog collars and one of which was made throw my new website, go website.

I’m very pleased at what I have achieved this week.

I know my righting need a lot of improving but I hope it will get better in  the near future. I have to stick at it, even if it still doesn’t  make a lot of  scene to the reader.

The repairs were simple restitch jobs that I did my hand.

I will be trying to right one week from now on. Here hopping.


Not an upholster!

Hi there! It’s been a month since started this website/blog and I’m still new at this so bear with me.

The calls I have recently been getting are about repairing chairs, sofa and car seats. Sadly I’m not a leather upholsterer, but if you need a dog lead or bridle then I’m your girl!

The picture below is some of my work and most of the bridles, harness bridles and head collars are hand stitched. That’s right all the cutting, staining and stitching is all made by my hands.


I recently bought a sewing machine, however it wasn’t strong enough to stitch through leather and had to be returned.

If you are after a good quality, refurbished sewing machine then make sure to check out Sewing 4 Everyone. Their customer service is very good, plus you get to play with the polystyrene peanuts in the parcel!


So the hunt to find a heavy duty sewing machine continues!

So this is the new year!!

So I have a few things in the pipeline already. So I’ve got a knife Sheath to fix. I’ve still got that saddlebag to fix and so I need to reply to my email.

So the big upheaval in my life at the moment is the fact that I’ve change rooms in the house. And yes I have been decluttering and yes it’s still not finished. But how do you find a lot of stuff though. It’s like oh that’s where that went and oh I love that book. But I still need to buy a lot of things and my next big passes a rug. Because the room is moving to has tile flooring.

But that will have to wait until next month already know which one I want to get. Course my boy,the dog of my life, loves the fact that I’m downstairs now. He’s so cute just laying at the end of my bed.

So I was planning to do some old Fashion advertising. And this is what I’ve got so far for the leaflets. Got nothing much else to say but a happy New Year, anyway even though it’s now February.

The work before Christmas.

Then I think of my work has picked up before Christmas. It’s mainly been fixing things. Such as handbags,gun cases and a pair of boots. These things are important to someone and I’m very grateful for the work.

I’m hoping in the New Year To pick up more work. I still have a leather luggage bag for motorbike to fix. The main goal is to save up money for a leather sew machine.

Now I know roughly what I’m looking for, thinking about getting a singer sewing machine cylindrical arm. I’ve seen one online that I like the look off and it’s roughly in my price range.

I have all these patterns and ideas and projects I’ve come up with but it’s finding the time and the material and the costs and who am I making it for.

The one thing I’m very bad at his time management. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it all. It’s all this pressure now, I’m being dyslexic and asperges. Not that anybody reads this blog. None of it makes any sense. I’m using the dictaphone setting to write this. Just getting it down on the page. Making more content.

I really wanna make a quiver this year for archery. A Proper gunshots case (dreamt about making that pattern)And a ladies briefcase how funny I could win say £5000 that be great.

This is probably going to be the last blog post letter for this year. So for anyone who doesn’t read this. The ramblings of a dyslexic mind. But hey at least I’m trying to write it down or dictate it down.

So to all the horsey peopleAnd to all the leather crafty crafty people and to all the dyslexics aspersion people have a happy Christmas and a good New Year.

The wrong size

I don’t know what is going on in the Main Stream industry at the moment but the other day I have a client who wanted her pony’s bridle made smaller. So I when to see the bridle on the pony and it was huge. The owner told me that she ordered the pony size and on the bridle “P S” pony size.

I don’t know maybe I was a factory error but that was not a pony bridle. I’m having to change most of it and it’s still going to look weird.

More updates on this bridle/ finding the right size for this pony.


What to write about?

I have to be really inspired to write as being dyslexic is a real hindrance to the whole writing process. Nothing much has been going on this week. Last week I sold a pair of vintage car luggage straps, which were a different from the norm. As a month ago I ran a little craft stall at my Aunts WI. Trying to flog some of my old stock and a few toy. Well that’s where I meet this customer how has the vintage car. So it was worth going.


I just what to get out there more. And face the public to engages in a conversation about what I do.  I need to start making a go of this business. It’s not fun when you have all of theses anxieties about your abilities (o no you can’t do that your to stupid, you won’t be able to cope mentally, arr you can’t talk to normal people, you shouldn’t be let out of the house) nooooo this constant self doubt really pissed me off.

The thing is I’m not a very materialistic person. I don’t know if its a strength or a weakness but i am a very chilled out person and I only get agitated when I’m upset or very very angry or fall on panic mode. Which I swear is ten times worse because of the Asperger and I hate it.

and when you have a business you have to be a get up and go person but with me it to thing, one its the fact that i still live a home and i have to think about my family. So l have to work round them. And working from home also involved looking after this pack of very demanding dogs but that’s what you get when your mother is a dog breeder and in reasons years has become the security to the Swedish  Vallhund society and the big one are elkhound in case you were wondering.

Feeding time at the zoo

well i dropped the ball on this for a day. Look I’m not a great writer, half the time the stuff i write doesn’t even make sense to me let alone you. But now my iPad is guessing the words for me so that helps with the spelling. I have all these ideas and passion that’s there waiting for the world to discover. I just have to stop hiding , stop being afraid all the time.

well that’s me done for now.