Repairing a leather head collar

So this week it the same old staple of repair work. The leather on the nose piece of the head collar had become worn out and had snapped. and one of the chin stays has worn out too but I didn’t tack any pictures of that repair. sorry.

A head collar
the head collar with worn nose band

The leather has become thin and has worn away.

nose c

Using my head knife to undo the stitch.

Having made a new leather strap of the same thickness to replace the nose piece

When the strap has been cut out and made to measure, it can me made for making of the stitching.

and the stitching in the saddle clamps.collar l

Did I mention they wanted to be stitch in white too

collar m

So there you have it one repaired leather head collar. Sorry about the picture no being so great.

More post will be coming on to site soon as well as some products. I’m thinking dog leads, old school leather stirrups and more. Send me some comments on the leather goods you would like to buy.

Bye bye.


The gun case

This week I contracted the the dreaded cold that has been going around the county and I still have it.

but I rely wanted to work on the gun case repair, that was sting in by workshop.

The leather strap needed replacing and the loops that held the dee to the case had ripped. But on closer inspection the top dee patch had a rip in it too.


I just had to remove the stitch from the leather patches, take of the split rivets and make a new strap. Then I sore that one of the patch had ripped so that needed replacing as well.

I ended up stitching the new straps on my bed. While also watching call the midwife on the iplayer.

I would have to say I did a pretty god job and the owner was happy too.

Here are the pictures of the repaired gun from the owner


Saddle fitting a ex-race horse

This week i had a saddle fitting job to go to. The horse was a ex-race hoses six to seven years old, the owner had only had her for a year and what an amazing job she had done in bring up her conditioning. Of course I got lost finding the place as I always do.

I don’t know a lot about race hoses but what a sweetie pie. Very gentle, happy horse loving her life now.

She was still very uneven needing to put on some more muscle but the owner already knew that. As the synthetic saddle she had been using had shifted on her. We decide to have the physio therapist look her over to give her opinion, as the hose was getting in to beater condition. Then owner would chose a second hand saddle from the therapist that fits  her-ish. I would come out to re-flock it to fit.


The weeks work

So this week I have had three repair jobs, two dog collars and one of which was made throw my new website, go website.

I’m very pleased at what I have achieved this week.

I know my righting need a lot of improving but I hope it will get better in  the near future. I have to stick at it, even if it still doesn’t  make a lot of  scene to the reader.

The repairs were simple restitch jobs that I did my hand.

I will be trying to right one week from now on. Here hopping.


Not an upholster!

Hi there! It’s been a month since started this website/blog and I’m still new at this so bear with me.

The calls I have recently been getting are about repairing chairs, sofa and car seats. Sadly I’m not a leather upholsterer, but if you need a dog lead or bridle then I’m your girl!

The picture below is some of my work and most of the bridles, harness bridles and head collars are hand stitched. That’s right all the cutting, staining and stitching is all made by my hands.


I recently bought a sewing machine, however it wasn’t strong enough to stitch through leather and had to be returned.

If you are after a good quality, refurbished sewing machine then make sure to check out Sewing 4 Everyone. Their customer service is very good, plus you get to play with the polystyrene peanuts in the parcel!


So the hunt to find a heavy duty sewing machine continues!

A new chapter Begins

Stating a new.

Hey look a me I have a new website and blog. Which is very ironic as I am severely dyslexic.  so if you can understand what I’m righting well, at least I am trying.

So I’ve been thinking about what I should write about ????

  1. It needs to include post about my business.
  2. I would like to write on the subject of leather in general
  3. Of course, horses
  4.    and any of my out side the making of horses stuff e.g. Re-enactment, LARPing and cosplay.

I would be grateful if you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram!!!

So here’s a photo of something I made.

Welsh in-hand show bridle
If I was a horse I’d want to be this one! The stunning London Cockney Rebel wearing a bridle I recently made. Designed by Alan Keep Mymmswood Welsh Cobs and made by Erin Sibley’s Leather craft studio.